Friday, September 30

stressful september

september is my most action-packed month ever. my emotional roller coaster has not turned as many times as this month. and yesterday, it made dangerous loops that i'm happy i hurdled. but it's not over yet. the ride is just beginning, i suppose.

i'm just thankful i am blessed with wonderful "ridemates" who are having their own share of loop adventures along the way.

enough of the allegory of my emotional state. ang drama no?

for the second straight time, i decided not to go boxing last night. rach and i felt hungry on the way to the gym and decided to take a quick bite. we were just talking casually about movies when i retorted, "mag-movie na lang kaya tayo?" and it turned out it's one of her weaknesses so off we went.

we watched The Perfect Man and while the movie is nothing great, it's a good way to release your stress. rach had her share of stressful moments today too and we definitely need a clean break from all of it. while slouching on the theater seat, dreaming of my own Ben Feldman, singing Collide, ogling the loud-burp man, i wished that everything becomes better the next day. and oh, the asian trailer of Chicken Little rocks. super.

before going to sleep, it's always a wonderful feeling to know that you can turn to someone to just vent and sigh, despite that person's own share of bullshits for the day. and it must really be true, as what was the line of the night in the movie: Love is like friendship on fire.

and let me just repeat that Chicken Little dancing to that song i used to hate (lalalahee, lalalahoo, lalalahoohoo...) was the best stress reliever i got.