Thursday, September 15

the hole.

i am so tired but even before i boxed, i was telling rach i can't wait to blog about this. it's the only way for me to get over this embarrassment. that's basically how i cope.

my right leg went straight to a hole on the sidewalk of buendia cor. leveriza this afternoon. in the midst of heavy rain, while rach and i were gushing over my dome-like umbrella...whack! next thing i knew, my right leg fell through a hole, dangling there for a good two to three seconds. i managed to pull it back easily. take note, we're talking of the whole right leg. not just a slip of the ankle, but the whole thing, as in up to my right thigh.

good thing that:

1. the hole was small enough for just my leg to cave in. it would be so horrible if my right leg got through, then my body followed.

2. the hole was big enough for my leg to be pulled back up. had it been smaller in diameter, or had my leg been fatter than it is, it would take manpower to actually pull me up.

3. there was no water and/or trash beneath the hole. it's dry, and it's deep. my foot didn't even touch the bottom. as i said, it kinda dangled there until i had the presence of mind to pull myself up.

4. it was raining hard so there were almost no people on the street

5. it happened so fast, people on cars and public vehicles barely had time to witness the "event".

6. i was with someone so cool, the embarrassment was easier to take.

in addition to number 6, i never felt conscious or flustered for long. it took rach and i a hearty good laugh over it. right after i pulled back and has been restored to my normal height, and i said ouch, i told rach, "what if the man of my dreams passed by while i was there?" that's quite a reaction 'no? right after that, i told her to watch out (it's payday, we're on a very busy know) because i'm gonna take out my fone and take a picture of the hole. i did. i will show it here if my bluetooth connection got fixed. maybe it sensed what happened and it's kinda sympathizing.

it's over, it's like a wake-up call, i managed to go to the boxing gym for a tad good hour and a half, rach and i ate squid balls, i went home, i'm happy, now i'm blogging.

sobrang nakakaloka tlaga yung experience na yon. i'm thankful coz had i been born rich, mukhang hindi ko ito mararanasan. hahahaha!!!