Saturday, September 24


"What you see is what you get. Basta whatever po yung nakikita nyo, yun na po, magegets nyo na po." - a newbie actor linked to Maui Taylor. Parang gustong magkandabuhol-buhol ng ugat ko sa utak.

"Please support my self-titled album called JASMINE." - Jasmine Trias. Malamang yun ang title nun ano. Well, it could be "Sarah", what do I know? Hay.

Person 1: What's your name, Madam? Person 2: Judie - an exchange between a KFC crew and myself. Later on, he's shouting for my order, looking for "Ma'am Jodi".

"Hindi mo iisipin na si Angelina Jones mahilig sa bata." - an officemate. It took me a while to realize that she's pertaining to Angelina Jolie. Akala ko yung starlet na si Angelica Jones (na girlfriend na pala ni Bobby Yan. Hay. So what was the fuss about Claudine again? Hmm?)

"Happy birthday, Tita D! Love yah. Enjoy your day kahit umuulan! mwah! - my text to Tita Ditos today.

"Happy birthday, Jacoben Pablo! Love yah. Enjoy your day kahit umuulan! mwah! - my text to Jacs today.

"Happy birthday, Ariane! Love yah. Enjoy your day kahit umuulan! mwah! - my text to Ariane today.

"Picture lang? Cheap. Bayong! Hahaha!" - my text to him. At least on top of the joke he remembers what we talked about. That's what's good about him.

"Ate...nabasa mo na 'to???" - Kryzzy. Akala ko naman kung anong libro eh, na-excite tuloy ako. Akala ko iinterviewhin mo na ako for Blue and Silver, hehe. Don't worry, it's nothing.

"Hindi lang yun, iikot pa ang bra mo!" - response to the reaction/question, "Gaano ba kaguwapo yang bago nyong DCM (deputy chief of mission)? Makalaglag-panty ba?"

"Nakalimutan kasi ni Ate Anna magpa-Pasaload ng load dun sa loading station!" - text from Becky Mesias (remember her name, she will soon be a legend, hahaha! Ang gaga ko.)

"Honeyfie II" - isang girly bar sa EDSA-Pasay. Now I'm itching to look where Honeyfie I could be.

"It's okay. I know you more...SMILE, it's not worth it." - a text from a friend after the pizza party. if this isn't enough assurance that i should believe him, then i don't know what is. enough said.