Friday, March 18


i just have to say this, when the adrenaline rush is still at its peak.

two hours after my employee evaluation was signed and i was counseled on improving my supervisory skills, my team was busted for leaving the office empty for five minutes. according to our filipino supervisor, our american supervisor was mad because she was calling the unit at 1:05 pm and no one was there. 1:05. i would say it again-- 1:05.

true, we got back at around 1:08 pm and it's because we went out and it rained hard so naturally the walking speed was affected. by the way, we went to an ukay-ukay. it was our lunch break, for george's sake. since i was in-charge today and with the command responsibility chuva above my head, i had to take all the cudgels for it. wah, there's always a first time for everything.

and at 1:30, we reached a solid pre-"american supervisor is mad" scenario and it was so annoying. inis. basta it turned out na the american supervisor is not as mad as claimed. man, she wasn't even mad at all because kulang na lang magkilitian kami nung dinala ko yung controversial file na allegedly eh kailangang kailangan niya. hay naku.

and i hope i won't be busted pero i decided not to attend my spanish class tonight. at first kasi may basketbnall game ang officemates namin sa seafront and it was the deputy chief herself who coaxed us to go. eh raining cats and dogs ang drama ng weather at open court pala yun so it was postponed. alam nyo naman ako pag nacondition ko na ang mind ko, di na ako magbabago. so hindi ako papasok. ha-ha.