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My good friends Tammy and Patty forwarded this to me on Holy Wednesday. At first read, this is nothing new. It has been common knowledge that "keep cool" is probably not in media person Korina Sanchez's dictionary. I recently traveled and found the same thing happening to me, but on a different airline. What made it different was how nature, obviously something beyond anybody's control, interfering. So kahit nanggigitata ka na dahil wala kang damit, wala kang masisisi ng tuluyan kasi ginawa naman lahat para maihabol yung bagahe mo.

I believe this e-mail made the rounds in different yahoo groups and I would like to share it as it was forwarded to me. I would advise to read until the end of my post and not just after this letter.

"ken estrella" ken_estrella18@yahoo.com
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 00:06:59 +0000 (GMT)

I would like to share with you an incident that happened when Ms.Korina Sanchez flew to Las Vegas on March 17( last week.) When Korina arrived in Las Vegas, she was fuming mad because hersuitcase did not arrive with her on that flight. These tincidentshappen when you fly on any airline. She was screaming "FUCK YOU" tothe arrival agents blaming that her bag didn't arrive. The Las Vegasstaff told her that they were going to make an investigation as to whyher bags were lost. Korina demanded that if her bag is found, to sendit via Federal Express immediately....which is not a problem for theairline. But Federal Express cannot deliver it to her in 3 days.The airline found the bag which was left behind in Manila. The airlinesaid they will deliver it in 24 hours. Better than what FEDEX is offering.

On her way back to Manila, her flight was delayed by 1 hour and 20minutes. again, upon advising Korina of the new departure time, sheagain flared up and again said "FUCK YOU" to the check in agents inLas Vegas. Korina should never do that. She might have forgotten that she's inthe US. She can be sued by the people of America for her foullanguage. Wherever she maybe, be it in the US, the Middle East,Europe, Asia, or even in the smallest town of the Republic of thePhilippines, she should treat people with respect!

This is not the first time this type of arrogance from her wasreceived by the airline people. I know a lot of airline staff, andthey said that this is not the first time they had this experiencewith her. Anytime she travels, she's always in a bitchy mood!

It seems that FUCK YOU are the favorite words of Korina. She, being aPUBLIC media personality, should set a good example to her colleagues.Screaming FUCK YOU in public is not a good gesture from a publicfigure. I believe ABS-CBN should reprimand Korina for her rudeness andarrogance. ABSCBN definitely knows Korina's attitude towards other people, but up to now has done nothing with it. SHe may be sweetiesweetie on screen, but the truth is she is a WITCH in person.


Grabe 'no?

As expected, as soon as Ms. Sanchez went onboard her radio show with Ted Failon, she aired her side. She completely denied the cussing part. Well, at least, the words used.

I can't detail here what Korina Sanchez said but as of the present, the management of PAL daw issued a letter of apology to her and promised to look into the matter. That's good. I honestly don't believe that they sincerely mean it; they made that because they know that Ms. Sanchez will never stop, and it's so bad for business.

However, my friend called me last Monday and he happened to be there when Korina was, let's say, throwing a fit.

The convo went something like this:

"O, balita ko nagwawala daw si Korina dyan sa airport."

"Eh sino ba naman ang hindi magwawala dun..."

"Ano ba nangyari?"

It turned out that her bag got lost and was left in Manila. It was not the usual case of being left behind. Pati daw yung tag sa bag, wala na, so, maiiwan nga yun. What's odd was how the tag was removed from the bag. It's true what Tammy said na you can flip and throw bags pero mahirap matanggal yung tag sa bag unless someone had a hand in doing it..either pupunitin or guguntingin. Kung ganun man nangyari (flipping and throwing, as what happens when loading the bags), mahihiwalay lang yun dun sa ibang bags mo. Anyway, so namuti na raw ang mata ni Korina kakahintay wala yung bag nya, initially ruling theft, o baka nadampot ng iba. And as my title goes, it was a Louis Vuitton, identical to the bag that arrived with her.

Now, I cannot confirm the truth of this, but when she asked daw the PAL personnel if they do not check, sinabihan daw sya ng "No" sabay talikod. And that infuriated her finally.

"So, nagmura tlaga?"

"Oo naman...sabi nya...(imitating Korina's voice) "P**ang-*na!P**ang-****naaa!"

She was cussing daw because of what happened and not towards anybody. Eh sampu sangpera lang siguro ang expression na yun sa circle nila. Ako nga pag aburido sa trabaho at may biglang mahuhulog, napapasigaw ako ng "P**a!", kaya tuloy papatigilin muna ako ng boss ko kasi akala nya galit na ako.

Ang siste pa daw, when Korina received her bag, slashed na daw from end to end. Well, ang alam ko kasi when any baggage goes through inspection, it happens. Pero hindi naman yung ganung super sira na. Minsan nga stupid yung magpapasecure ng locks sa bag mo pero minsan makikita mo na lang na na-hammer yung lock kasi may gusto silang i-inspect at hindi nila nabuksan. I was told nga na baggage inspectors do slash a small part of your bag pag hopeless case na and they can't open the bag...but the slit is large enough to insert a hand to check what's inside. So, I dunno what happened really pero siguro na-slash yun ng konti for inspection tapos nung nakita nung mga taga-PAL, sabi siguro..."Ah ganun ha, nagmumumura ka sa counter namin sa Vegas ha, puwes, warakin yan!" Hahahahaha!!!

Anyway, the part in the e-mail where you should respect everybody is true. Minsan, it's hard to draw that line between being assertive and feisty from being rude and disrespectful. People in power find themselves victimized by this dilemma more often. Kahit sa airport pa yan o sa sariling bahay. So if we take the e-mail as the truth, it validates Korina's rudeness sa ibang tao. I can't speak about it dahil wala pa akong first-hand experience doon. By the way, in her own radio program, she admitted na sinabi nya sa PAL people (about her left behind baggage):

"Sabihin mo kay Lucio Tan, sa dami ng kayamanan nya, makakabili sya ng flying carpet. Kung kailangan niyong i-flying carpet ang bag ko, gawin nyo! Kailangan nyong i-FedEX yang bag ko. Gusto ko, bukas na bukas din paggising ko,nasa pintuan ko na ang bag ko!"


However, one point I don't find agreeable nga lang is the perpetual convenient excuse na "it happens on every airline". Ang labo talaga. Parang tanggapin na lang na ganyan kasi lagi namang nangyayari yan eh.

On the other hand, given this circumstance, and given na yung version ni Korina ang totoo, unfair naman na she's always the aggressor in every story. Parang because of her image, siya palagi ang nang-api, without even sticking to the facts. Siguro part din ng paggalang sa lahat ng tao yung i-accept na merong mas maikli ang pasensya kesa sa atin. Sabi nga, she also had people to attest na hindi sya nagfafa-fuck you doon, even congressmen. Na narinig din nung kaibigan ko nung hinarap ni Korina at sinabing:

"You know what, I'm not a politician! I'm a commentator! So I can say whatever I want"

Even if we don't like a person or not, it's unfair to deny that person the chance to explain what really happened. Ako nga, for some reason, hindi ko talaga ma-take si Jamby Madrigal (eh kasi pakiramdam ko lang naman, she has the hots for Mar Roxas! Hahahahaha!) o kay Loi Ejercito, o dun kay Homobono Adaza sa sobrang sawsaw suka, pero kung sa kanila nangyari yun, dapat pa ring pakinggan yung version naman nila ng nangyari and I would find it unfair kung may magpapakalat ng rumor na hindi naman nila ginawa.

Ang moral sa akin ng incident na ito ay dalawa. First, wag ng bumili ng Louis Vuitton na bag. Prone ka sa argumento at madaling malaslas from end to end. Second, bilib ako ako kay Mar Roxas. As in. Whew.

Thanks to Kryzzy for the Korina quotes.

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