Saturday, March 12

soy asi que feliz no puedo parar el sonreir

hmm. my desperate attempt to apply what i learned from profesor felipe. anyway, i discovered that i am a better reader than speaker. in this foreign language, at least. i noticed that i can get all paper exercises correctly, i can even read a few pages written in spanish but i get baffled when i am asked to construct a sentence or someone strikes a conversation with me using the language.

ay naku, probably, tiring myself is perhaps what i just long for to validate my worthless existence and transform it into something that can be 'repaired'. see, this day has been hell compared to my other petix days. i spent the whole morning on call center floors listening to live calls and a session and a half of training the agents. and i noticed that i developed this habit common to all who wear glasses. to make a point or when the explanation becomes too lengthy, i tend to remove and wear back my glasses. welcome me to the club, people.

then i finished what was supposed to be the minutes of yesterday's meeting, worked on a few cases, extended an extra hand to this nice but makulit client, finished my spanish homework and battled the traffic to leon guinto. este dia esta ocupado pero no me estoy quejando. naks.

to cap this day, i went with jayvee to this small cafe near instituto cervantes and spent an hour talking about things that are regular but complicated. it was a pretty good banter but what stuck to me most was how i want to go on a cruise so much. jayvee works in a cruise ship and his stories made me think how unfair it is that i cannot afford trips like that. bwahahaha. for all i know, jayvee was in the same cruise ship that my sister and her family took a couple of months ago. ah basta, gusto ko na rin mag-cruise. bwahahahaha.

and before i forget, naastigan ako sa service ko from global city to the office. in the morning, we rode this regular shuttle as it was rod and i who's going there. they are to stay till 3 pm so it was only me who's leaving come 12 noon. as i was waiting for this familiar shuttle, this vintage ford stopped in front of me and gee, it was my service! wala namang extraordinary pero grabe, ang kuuuuul! feeling ko rich ako kahit from global city to roxas boulevard lang. ahahahahaha!!!! why not?!

and i am meeting my highschool barkada tomorrow! soy emocionada. i wish complete naman kami bukas pero i have not heard from lizette. hoy lizette, i last saw you ata eh 1999 pa! text messages are not enough ano ba?! and tzai of's her treat, whether she likes it or not. bwahahahaha!!! i was thinking of pepato for dessert pero baka mamulubi tayo. pero minsan lang tayo magkita mga etucap!!!! it's nice to find time to reconnect with people who have been so much a part of you. etong mga taong ito yung nagkukuwento ng mga stories na nasa "embarrassing and worthy to be forgotten actions vault" mo nung highschool. at most of all, mababait yan kasi manlilibre. waheehuuu!!! si lyndsey lang naman ang nagbabasa ng blog ko sa kanilang lima!!

but before that i still have to drop by instituto to get my textbook copy from marie and to prove to jose that i am a worthy speaker for the quijote event. heehee. i will get two pages pero he's kinda convincing me to share it "with a friend". senor, please have faith in me. i can do it. with the midnight paella and churros motivation, how can i go wrong?