Friday, March 25

not so bored

nothing much has changed today apart from the fact that i was not so bored as yesterday. i finally finished girls in pants, the third (and last?) book of ann brashares in the traveling pants series. i am so hooked, grabe. i never thought i would return to the teeny bopper genre after almost a decade ago of my sweet valley days. it feels good having to reconnect with the teen in me (not that i'm so old!). i guess i never had much of it after highschool that i missed the feeling. i don't know, i'm not sure. the movie version of the first book is due on june this year and i can't wait to see it. at promise, sa movie house ko sya papanoorin. pero di ako makapromise na hindi ako bibili ng pirated copy after!

i finished two mini-stories which are for a few good friends only so i won't dwell much about it here.

oh, i have an optical mouse na nga pala but i am so stupid i can't figure out how to set it in a scroll mode that can allow me to use it like the way i use my mouse in the office. i will just holler for help when i can't figure it out yet in the manual. grabe, i really feel ang stupid ko.

i am starting leo tolstoy's anna karenina today. that is after i started a few pages of judith mcnaught's almost heaven (maybe too mushy at the moment), then shifted to sophie's world (light but too informative--i'll just be disappointed not digesting what was written). i am not yet on the book itself, what with all these endless forewords and repetitive details about leo tolstoy's life. goodluck to me. it's 785 pages of hopefully, a good read.