Wednesday, July 6


it's not so bad to dream, is it?

apart from the creepy desire to have a baby to cuddle in my arms, one rather realistic plan i'm indulging myself with is to travel within this year. i started the year with a trip to the US so i told myself i should seal 2005 with yet another one. i plan to go anywhere within asia for two reasons: i should explore our nearest "neighbors" and of course, doing so is cheaper than going to the US or europe.

but knowing me, it could go only as far as a disappointing blueprint. i have not lost faith in my planning skills but part of me is already whispering that it might not be feasible for a variety of reasons: first, i won't be allowed to take a "long" leave of absence because my supervisor is retiring in december and as deputy supervisor, i have to be in charge of the transition (whether i will go and vie for the position that she will vacate is a story in another dimension! hehe). second, money issues (to what extent can i afford it?). third, my dilemma of wanting to travel alone. i obviously can't do that because for those who personally know me, an out-of-town trip without my mom in tow, unless it's mainly a business trip, is impossible. fourth, money constraints. fifth, my financial state (i haven't mentioned it, have i?).

it's not that i am penniless to plan a trip. i won't be plastic so i can say that i will have something with me especially with the year-end bonus and the credit cooperative dividend and other options where i can really get money if i want to (plus, ehem ehem...the magic word..."MOM"). my only reservation is the possibility that i might be using most of the amount that i will get and boy, it's not a pretty picture after a couple of months. more than a trip, christmas is still one special season for me plus my birthday comes the next month so it's so so sad to be "poor" during those times.

but i'm not throwing the idea, especially that i constantly think of it till i fall asleep in the more recent nights. i also encounter many lures and come-ons, what with last sunday's F episode where angel aquino featured the shopping festival in singapore and this month's cosmo magazine has a hongkong tour/shopping guide (july-august are the best months to go, according to them!)! the inggit cells in my body are in constant work again! all of a sudden, i have the urge to go and visit hk's ifc mall and splurge on lane crawford, zara and shanghai tang! see, ambisyosa talaga!!!

hay. this could be just because i saw these shopping festivals and bazaar galore at this time of the year. i must not forget, and i told my friends this, that I WANT TO TRAVEL TO SEE, NOT NECESSARILY TO SHOP. of course i am going to buy something but before these news spreads and tv features came along, i am convinced that i want to see for real the sights and landmarks of these countries (to pose at the stretch of the great wall of china or under the petronas towers is an example), and not to shop for stuff, most of which can be found here na rin, from divisoria to quiapo to greenhills to greenbelt!

so, let's be one in wishing myself goodluck! i hope it really fluorishes, kahit medyo tight ako during the first (till the second and third?) quarter of next year. it feels so good having to accomplish something that you want deep inside.

*crossing my fingers*

p.s. my mom is a riot. see, i wore a new top i got on sale last week (it's hot pink!) and she hadn't had the chance to say no when i insisted on using the hot pink croc bag i gave her (she has not used it!) to match with it. just around lunch time, she sent me a text, "anak, ang malas ng getup mo, maghapong umuulan, hahaha". ang okray ano?

then just now, she told me, "o, ang bag ko, wag mo ng gamitin bukas dahil hindi ka na magpi-pink!" (a shameless confession: at 23 years old, my mom still prepares my clothes everyday. it's part of helping me move faster in the morning because i am really slow. one anecdote is started with a comment from an officemate, "dapat ho siguro hinahayaan nyo na lang si judith kumilos for herself, masyado syang nabe-baby". my mom's reply: "naku, kung papabayaan ko yan mag-isa sa umaga (ng monday), tuesday na yan makakapasok sa opisina!") isn't she the greatest? hehe.



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