Friday, July 8

out of touch

I am not able to follow the country's events as closely as I do before. I rarely catch the early evening news as I always get home past 8 everyday and would be tired to wait for the late-night newscast.

I was supposed to meet a friend last night but he was unable to come because of what happened over the last 48 hours. When he sent me a text after I got home, that's when I realized I could have been missing much in terms of current affairs, in exchange for trying to learn something else, which I also consider of value. See, last night, and the past few nights before that, I've been "studying" concepts and amendments related to what I do. Last night, just my friend and perhaps most people working for and/or involved in politics and government policy-making were on "alert", I was in a coffee shop, reading and digesting information about visa ineligibilities (and finally giving up after my head hurt understanding fully what constitute the very vague "crimes of moral turpitude").

So this morning, I tried accessing newspaper websites, and of course, more than the concern over what happened in London, I felt the need to update myself with what's happening to my country. Believe me, I don’t know where to start. I do not remember the last news I knew, much more the events that occurred after that. Things are really going too fast these days.

I am proud to promote two blogs I visit when I feel the itch to be more socially and politically aware. I do not plan to open these sites now because once I start reading, I know I would never cease to do so until I make sense of the whole current scenario. The point is that it's the last day of the workweek and there are tons of things to do! It's a battle now of what should be done…read and update or work. My choice leans toward the former but reality tells me that the latter is more essential in my survival. Would you want to be aware yet unemployed? I don't.

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