Sunday, July 10

my say

not that my opinion matters.

my simple opinion on a matter of national interest...something that my puny brain managed to digest and deduce from everything i read and watched...

how hard is it to follow the rule of law? i don't want to lose hope on my fellow filipinos but it seems that in a crisis like this, whether they admit it or not, they disguise extreme emotion with conviction...refusing to tread the path of what is lawful, just because one option is "faster". no one knows if doing the faster option will yield good results; let's hope it will. after mulling it over while munching on a corn muffin, i thought that yes, let's hope that the president's constitutional successor can deliver because if it will again be a continuation of the perpetual agenda to unseat whoever's in power, then let's just all kill ourselves. after all, that is a faster way to go to hell.

whatever is happening now, the squabble with what should the president do, stems from what happened in 2001, when they walked out of the impeachment court. i am not for estrada---i despise what he did, and what his minions are continuously doing---but at any rate, i thought, it started the "trend" of opting for the "faster" option, with the firm hope that we can move forward. now, if people clamor for the president to resign, go down, relinquish the presidency, whatever you may call it, rather than impeach her, i can't help but understand them because it's just a mirror image of what happened four years ago. but not because i understand the cause means i am for it. if we are not to follow what is constitutionally right, then let's put snow pake on every part of it, and pretend that it's not there, if we can't bear following it anyway.

i perfectly understand the "suggestion" of voluntary resignation. but then, since it's voluntary, it cannot be forced on the president. she may be the thickest-faced president that we could have but it's something that she has the prerogative to do or not to do.

i believe that the president lost whatever moral ascendancy (a term i hear many times, now i finally got to use it) a leader should possess. i respect the call for resignation but what i can't take is the majority of people that are crying, blood, sweat and tears, for it, not because they believe it's what's proper, but because they can't wait to devour whatever power will be relinquished once she steps down. no,i'm not talking about the vice president but all of the politicians out there secretly standing in a pool of their own drool, eyes bulging, hands clasping, body shaking, and silently thinking, "this is it, this is my chance! yohoo!" no, i'm not talking of positions, but the amount of power and its respective tentacles in motion once the highest leader of the land decides to give up her power.

in truth, no matter what these government people do, it will always be either victory or defeat that is purely political in nature. the repercussions are what the constituents will reap. more often than not, it's always a losing ground for the people; in case they achieve political victory, the prices of commodities will not go down, will they? they would just stabilize, crime rates will still move, the population will still grow, etcetera etcetera...those who "won" will just bask in their "new" glory for a short time because inevitably, whoever's in the opposition will make it their agenda to strike back, until it becomes chaotic again, and the same scenarios will again come into play. and the cycle goes on and on.

with the extent of demons possessing the people in the government, it will be very hard to distinguish when we should put faith on a genuine agenda for reforms, that will eventually lead us into the path to progress. all of them now, in my eyes, have hidden desires rather than just serve the people. most of them cannot hide these desires and put it on top of their list, disguising it for "concern for people". i hope they would all just die, and their families, too. man, i'm so bad. as they say, i may not have the right to wish so because i don't have an alternative to offer anyway. whatever. if they die, then i would be happy, and that's my bottom line. grrr.


by the way, what is with the liberal party? i do not like lito atienza but admittedly, my stand on the matter concerning the presidency is somewhere along the lines of what he's espousing. what i would just like to know is why does he have to resort to a gimmick like what he pulled off earlier? it's like, i got your point, it really seems unfair (seems, because i have not heard drilon's side yet), but it's a party issue! can't you just resolve it within yourselves? i have high regards for LP and as such, i think what happend at the manila city hall was like washing dirty laundry in public, something that would create opinions, which would eventually blur the picture of something that's more important. very disappointing.


how can a fight be won if the supposed fighters are fighting with themselves? i'm not talking of LP alone, but of course, the opposition. there was never a united opposition. the estrada camp is not the whole opposition, is it? frankly, the estrada (fpj?) camp cannot and will not be united, in theory and in practice, with ping lacson because they are threatened that they cannot manipulate him and that not all of their plans will push through, including the most important thing to do...release and absolve erap, that is. they are not so sure if ping WILL do it once they unite and support him (let's face it, if they unite in the real sense of the word, they can bring to power whoever they wish to). ha-ha, their faces give that idea away. so to them, do work doubly hard in getting back the "glory" of being the administration again. that's what you can do as of this time.


i don't wish that when i wake up tomorrow, this would all be over.

however, i sincerely ask God to continue guiding us to the right path, the path that eventually goes to Him.