Monday, July 25

gone with the wind

two (for lack of a more apt term so i'm calling them) things have been gone, swept away, flushed down the drain, pfft, last friday. i don't know if i'm happy about it, i cannot really tell. maybe it's because they're only like fascinations which are expected to eventually wane after a period of time.

these two are my preference for multiply and my crush with this guy. ohhhhh, such comfort letting it out. haha.

see, i think these two are kinda connected. i was so hooked with this person (and before you react, your definiton of hooked is probably diffrent from mine! mine's all wholesome, okay?? just want to make it clear.) and since he gets online but is too afraid of the web to "explore" apart from checking his emails, i found multiply kinda helpful because i can send him a copy of my latest blog entry without appearing too obvious (with all these intros from multiply, yeah baby), and what's more, i get to track if he checked the entry already! so it's like feeling good that even if he did not react, i knew that somehow my message got across.

what the hell, that's how much i've been crazy for the past two months! it's so embarrassing! it's hideous! hay, good thing talaga i'm over that feeling. for someone who blindlessly taps her mature side, i kinda failed in this department. comments, anyone?

it's not like i turned a new leaf; i only realized that some things i really love to do can't take the backseat that long. like...

1. reading. i can't remember when i really sat down and read a book. i said before that it might be impossible to top my 51-books-read stat last year and i never did steps to even try to measure up to it. loser. :) but now, i got back to it. i slowed down a bit, doing only 75 pages in an hour when i usually do a 100-130. 'twas thursday night when i felt the itch to read again, as in have a decent reading time, and i grabbed John Le Carre's The Constant Gardener and The Tailor of Panama from Booksale's shelves (see, saving up for plans i have not drawn yet matters a lot to me now). when I was in highschool, my dad sent me a copy of The Little Drummer Girl and it gathered dust and dirt in my shelf. now, i may read it after the other two. he's quite intriguing but i have yet to make a final stand on him. in a nutshell, the constant gardener is about the death of the wife of a member of the british mission in nairobi, kenya. while a death of a diplomat's wife is intriguing as it is, the causes involved are far more interesting, and you can only imagine how an image of a diplomat's wife would be capable of pursuing her cause, despite the complex mile of diplomacy, third-world conditions and an apparent pharmaceutical malpractice. it's interesting. after the le carre "bookathon", i plan to read kazuo ishiguro's works. another thing, i've been looking for donna tartt's the little friend at powerbooks but they ran out of copies last month pa.

(too nerdy a post? i don't care. haha! this is in mild response to an officemate who, upon learning that i'm back to having a reading time in a coffee shop, gaped at me as if i grew a second head and a third leg. hey, people do have different forms of leisure, it just happens that yours is making chismis, going out and mingling with people while mine is eating and reading. i was offended. enough said.)

2. scrapbooking. this one i'm so excited about. the camera whore that i am, i've collected too many pictures since the year started. sadly, i never had the interest to sit down and spend time on scrapbooking, something that i really am good at since gradeschool. i've bought scrapbooking tools and other items everytime i pass by national bookstore (which is, duh, practically everyday), and i guess i have enough to launch this super project. :) i actually planned to do it while listening to a morning show for the five days that i'll be on leave. just to be sure that i will have time to work this on, something that i won't be able to put off because i can't put off the morning show in the place.

3. watching dvds and tv serials. just like many of you, i have a lot of unwatched films and time is not the only reason why they are still left like that. sparing two hours at most for one film is not too much unless there's something that's worthy of my attention, such as waiting for a day's update and other mundane things done for the sake of gracious flirtation. whatever. apart from the korean movies, i still have The OC and my-yet-to-be-picked-up copy of Desperate Housewives season 1. i'm excited, really. i'm not blinking.

(wee, i'm so excited, really! so, who needs YOU?! (bitter....not!)

my multiply site will still be up but unlike the past month, i'll probably just post whatever i have here there.

the president's SONA is tomorrow and let's pray that chaos will be minimal. as if. we are all entitled to our own opinions on this matter and respect me if i chose to be on the "NR" camp. yes, there is such a camp. it mostly consists of people who are excited with their weeklong-leave, have said their piece in previous blog posts and now just wants to make the most doing what makes them happy.