Monday, July 25

enlighten me : a post-SONA observation

the average person that i am, i just wanna know: is it really valid to look for items such as the tape controversy, and even the impeachment, on the president's state of the nation address ?

at what part of the rundown of the administration's accomplishments and future plans should the statements concerning the state of the presidency emerge?

enlighten me.

since the president called for a change in the form of government, it had me thinking what does parliamentary-federalism really entail. enlighten me, because i only know that federalism, if executed well as in any other type of government, will strengthen the regional representations of areas outside metro manila. viable and promising but how feasible? on another matter, how does it affect the crisis of the current presidency? will this "absolve" the president in the long run? is this viewed as an escape route?

the resumption of the congress' session will see them as busy as ever. see, if i did my math correctly, they are expected to work on the impeachment (it's too premature to say it won't prosper, and if this is what is entailed in following the rule of law then nothing should stop these legislators to push for it), to work on the president's order of working on changing the form of government, and of course, lest they forget, to perform the duties of a regular congress (create laws that will be beneficial for the constituents???). of course, it is expected that with the enormous pressure on their shoulders, NOTHING can prosper in the foreseeable future. it will probably be bickering and flying of political opinions day by day until the world comes to an end. if i am such a pessimist, enlighten me.

i share the sentiment of two senators interviewed earlier, when they said that a lot of things need to be done rather than focus on changing the form of government. the emotions are raging at this time, and upon hearing that the president is endorsing a change in government, many felt it will be the sole miracle worker that will make the problems go away. it is to assume that (given) the political problems will be solved, the others will follow suit, ala-trickle down effect. hmmm, quite a tall order. as i said before, the repercussions of what one senator called a meeting of the "political class" will be most felt by the larger majority. if this class bickers so much, the peso will struggle against the market, affecting the prices of goods (one of the apparent repercussions pa lang yan)...and does it really affect the members of the political class? no. will they feel that prices are so high? no. will they experience tightening lunch budgets to have enough fare to go to and from work? no. and through all these, they still fail to realize that by going there, clad in their expensive suits and barongs, they do not really do anything for us. in a way, wala kaming difference. pumapasok araw-araw but nothing substantial gets done. eh mabuti ako nakakameet ng everyday deadlines kahit paano, eh kayo?

see, i sometimes wish that all of the people in the government will just disappear, as in *poof!* then let's take the kids as leaders, hear what they want to do, what they want to happen, what they basically want to achieve. baka sakaling umayos tayo ng konti. what do you think? enlighten me.

lastly, it annoys me seeing people who do not have anything to do with lawmaking or policy making strutting their stuff inside the congress hall during state of the nation addresses. they are the wives, children, and relatives to the hundredth degree of people in the government, who if asked, probably do not have the full picture as to why they were there. gosh, hindi man lang ba sila nanghinayang that they dressed up and prepped so long just to be seated on the far end of the hall, na minsan lang madaanan ng camera, swerte na kung maka-close up man lang? wow, obviously, okay nga namang pampuno ng gallery. tell me, is there like a post-sona party done there? coz if there's none, sayang naman ang getup at ang ilang oras sa salon! or maybe pre-sona cocktails? nevertheless, it's pathetic. it's an event where the president proclaims the state of the nation and further future plans, and any acts that are political in motivation is probably the farthest it can go. it is not a charity ball or an awards ceremony. this is only in jest, but if ever i get married to a lawmaker, even if he's like a senator or a deputy speaker, i would never appear with my husband on a sona, unless i am in the government myself. i just don't see the relevance. if you do, enlighten me.

and oh, the peach roses and the calamansi plants? tsk. mga typical pinoy gestures. hustong husto sa gimik. siguro it's better rathen than what we see on other asian countries na literal na brawl tlaga ang nangyayari. which got me thinking, bakit hindi kaya nila subukan yung ganun pagkaminsan naman ano? subok lang. baka sakaling finally, may masolve na problema.