Friday, July 29

confused, sad & happy

::: pilit kong inaabsorb yung technicalities ng impeachment complaint kay GMA. in truth, ako gusto ko matuloy yung impeachment if only to practice yung "rule of law", if some people believe that there is enough cause for the president to be removed from office. ayoko na nung pupunta sa kalye para magbago ng gobyerno. ang OA na. yun ang ultimate solution natin sa lahat eh, tingnan nyo, nababago ba ang sistema? mukha tuloy gusto ko na maniwala dun sa taxi driver kahapon. so kahit always political ang motivation ng impeachment process, aba eh pasensyahan. sino ba gumawa ng constitution dati? sana ni-ratify na lang sa constitutional convention noon na pag deemed unfit to govern ang incumbent president, lahat ng tao dapat pumunta sa kalye para pababain sya, para wala ng ganyan sa congress.

for a layman, i found out kahit pala hindi makakuha ng signatures ng one-third ng members ng lower house, dadalhin pa din sa committee on justice yun to establish probable cause, kung meron, didiretso sa plenary, tapos doon, kukuha ulit ng boto, na kung aabot ng one-third o 79, i-e-elevate na sa upper house o sa senate. so, kung madadala din pala somewhere at hindi entirely dead ang impeachment complaint kahit hindi umabot ng 79 signatures, ano pang katarantaduhan ang nangyayari ngayon at stuck sila sa issue ng "creeping" signatures na yan? hay. magsuntukan nalang kayo, baka mas entertaining pa.

::: this lack of patience stemmed from practically finishing nothing within my week-long leave. i have not watched one disc of the movies i planned to, have started but did only three pages of my scrapbook, and barely finished a book. i feel so useless. i just slept and slept and got fatter in a week. darn. even my citibank card, which has been defective since a millennium ago, di ko pa napapareplace. sa monday, papasok na ako, di ko na naman nagawa. ang galing! exemplary!

::: however, there's reason to be happy. for one, i'm in love again. hahahaha!!! ask kathy, doris and tammy, my constant text buddies from 8 to 9 pm for the past weeknights. it's something i brushed off for a while because of this stupid admiration with someone who's even too insensitive and, uhm..older (?). but then again, since monday, i can't help but smile whenever i see him (this new guy, i mean). hihihi, i'm so alembong :)

another thing, BARQUIRONS! rayan and i were talking about it last tuesday, i forgot to ask him what it was, and as you've read below, i was asking, what the hell is a barquiron...then THE very kind kathy sent me a big pack of barquirons from roxas city!!! she told me, it's hard to explain what it is, much more how it tastes so she sent me na lang. see, how many of you has a cool friend like her??!!! now i can't wait to take a vacation and go there at kathy's place. my mom even asked if we can go there soon. rather than inconvenience kathy of sending stuff from there, punta na lang ako dun! i heard tito's wife is also from there so maybe i can ask for tips. fun. i'm so excited.


i'm going to the office later. minsan kasi it doesn't help pag medyo madaling mataranta ang boss mo, may mga emails na dapat hindi nya binubura pero nagagawa nya tapos too lame pa to even explore na meron palang "recover deleted items" ang microsoft outlook. hmph.