Tuesday, November 1

feeling productive :)

this is usually the case when it's the last day of a loong break. wuff.

i only had 4 hours of sleep since my brother-in-law called me at around 7 am. i didn't take any caffeine for a while so i was really wondering why i was so awake (for a certified sleepyhead...)

i got so excited covering my new second-hand books. yes, i bought 3 again, all for 100 pesos. i got le divorce (maya told me the movie version sucked?), something happened (by joseph heller, the author of catch 22...which i haven't read, one year na ata sa akin yon na napahiram ni erwin, bwahaha) and get this, the life and death of adolf hitler by robert payne. when can i read them? hopefully in this lifetime. i was about to go back to reading the queen of the south when i talked to my good friend on the phone. it lasted for almost an hour of mindless chitchat about his trip and my trip, until i don't feel like reading anymore. i watched NGC's london bombing special for a while (alternating with shake, rattle 7 roll V on channel 2 hehe).

now, i approved two friendster two testimonials (thanks oliver and ryan abai!), created a travel blog (kala mo ang dami na narating...it will be up soon), completed my WHO and UN application forms (naks, feeling), logged in again on cornell university's online discussion site (try it, it's fun), and read a lot of stuff about G8 and L20.

weh, nagmamatalino. tomorrow, i hope to sustain this. hmm. flightplan is showing na pala, will try to catch it, akala ko next week pa.

two days of work lang ito, i can endure this! add to this is our class in the afternoon! hay, full days. isang big, tight hug nga *chhmmphh*.