Thursday, November 3


don't you wish that a workweek is only for two days? it's so utterly amazing! love it. during the past two days, people and things touched me...the dense me, touched and affected. boohoo.

:: christina - my highschool classmate and friend. i heard from another classmate that she's in a rather bad shape in the hospital for cancer. i haven't confirmed it but i already said a prayer for her. please spare a moment for her, too.

:: lalaine - it's always a bashing moment when she's around and she's always the victim. she never gets to strike back because it's always her against all of us. i forced her into making me a friendster testimonial but i know what she wrote there was from her heart. hehe feeling :)

:: nina - i know i said that i am so annoyed with pinoy big brother. however, i didn't say it with absolute certainty, did i? she made me realize that friendship extends beyond a tv show. aba eh oo naman!

:: rachel - i so miss my sister-sister :) i was about to pay her a visit after lunch at her new desk but i was told by the mailroom guys that she may not be there. before going home today, she dropped by my dungeon-hub just to say wala na syang balita sa akin in a while. awww :) then she just made me see the pics of her private event on the 30th. i miss you a lot and we will go out soon! we still have a movie date...and yes, boxing sessions to shed off our holiday pounds! :)

:: testi fever...i am on a roll making friendster testimonials for my friends. haha. whattahobby. then i kept on seeing friends who got married or gave birth. sigh. so inggit. esp with a former schoolmate/busmate. sigh. ayan tuloy, i wanna have a baby na ulit. tawagan ko na nga si honey. hahaha...anak lang naman eh, bakit ba? (you, immoral, you!)

:: derek - i heard from him and he said (deliriously) that he's been going out happily with his boyfriend, who has been his man since he's 18. so happy for him. mabuti pa ang gaga!

:: murakami. i bought my second murakami book today, kafka on the shore. a beachside reading time, where the hell are you? come our yearend bonus, humanda yung mga naiwang libro doon. haha. reading lolita in tehran! anansi boys (my second gaiman novel pa lang if ever...after american gods...but i think you should really start with coraline, the wolves in the walls and the day i swapped my dad for two goldfish) ! the historian (uhm, erwin?) !

:: jazz night...i forgot that it was tonight. sigh. rachel, you literally live two steps away from there! next time, next time. and we should have spike, too.

:: eye treats...yes i'm gonna read tonight all the interesting sites i can find. try michelle malkin. or the gateway pundit. or our own manolo quezon. and there are still tons more. we have to be concerned and be informed at some point, people.