Friday, November 4

reconnect mode

i'm happy to communicate with friends i haven't seen in a while. it is sad, however, to do it to talk about a depressing matter.

i've been emailing and texting former highschool friends here and abroad to ask for prayers and any form of assistance for our classmate christina. what's nice about this whole thing, as is with most of my "genuine" relationships, there's not too much hi's-hello's needed. it's like we just saw each other yesterday. i may have said that in highschool, i wasn't really there, now i realize that i built lasting relationships nevertheless.

i am also actively in touch with teng, my moslem friend, who's happy to have not lost more pounds because of fasting. crazy. beyond religion and beliefs, he is a special person to me. he asked me about my blog topics and assuringly told me that he's always there (bakit ba lahat kayo ganyan ang sinasabi?). dont worry, if push comes to shove, tatawagan kita at ipapadakip na natin sa iba nating comrades. hahaha :) this is so pathetically cheesy but i call him my ross, and i am his rachel. yuck. hahaha.

my banana cake supplier, vivian, whom i painstakingly call vivian apple when i talk to her, has been on my inbox more recently. nagpapapansin daw ako sa kanya, haha. if some of my friends seem like we have just seen each other yesterday, vivian apple texts like we headed separate ways two minutes ago. when we see each other, lovelife lang naman ang topic namin, and mine is really so makulay at kumukutikutitap, i'm telling you. hahaha :)

of course, i'm still making friendster testimonials here and there. walang magawa. bzzt.