Tuesday, November 8

whattamorning again

this time, it's a very nice morning naman. prayers do get answered fast.

first, feeling ko lang cool yon that i heard from the moderator of mar's blog :)

second, i may be really angry at one point, as in really mad but when time passes, malambot din naman ako eh.sabi ko nga sa isang friend, he should hear me one time. but yun nga if everything cools down and i, myself, get to think of things again, hindi ko rin naman kaya ang may kagalit. it just makes me uncomfy...and perhaps it's one of the reasons why it would be hard for me to be a boss. anyway, i'll be silent for the meantime..just like a reaction at the height of anger, any reaction at the peak of a good mood may appear to good to be true. as they say, let the leaves fall as they may. everything will go back in its place.

third, i chuckled while reading highschool batchmate's post in our yahoogroup. it's really a blast flipping thorugh any highschool yearbook, especially if you graduated for at least five years. all of you look different, the things you believe in, and the way you see the future...nakakatawa :D

i woke up to a very messy garage. my mom is very excited putting up our tree and our christmas decorations. me? not in the mood. i don't know. the holiday spirit has not struck me yet. plus when they do decorate for whatever season, it's always best to have me out of the house. wala naman akong natutulong, haha.

happy day...happy day...lapit na bonus. weeha :D