Sunday, October 30


yup, i am. i had a blast laughing my ass off last night at magandang gabi, bayan (they had their yearly halloween special episode). it was really funny, when it was supposed to be real scary.

i had a nice dream, too. yihee. :)

then this morning i saw na the trailer of memoirs of a geisha (Tams, finally!). i loved that novel and has been vocal in rooting for a spin-off of Mameha's story. then i saw that Michelle Yeoh's playing Mameha! now i am imagining real spin-offs! can't wait to see it here, i hope it won't be shown like a month or two after it opens in the U.S.

speaking of movies, i heard from my book buddy Erwin that the movie version of Bret Easton Ellis' Glamorama is on the works. he's also the same author who wrote American Psycho who starred Christian Bale before he even became Batman. he's an odd writer, haha.

now that i'm kinda stepping up on my mood, we're about to leave the house naman and return na tomorrow evening. hay. bahala na. might as well bring good books to keep me company :)

i miss all of you!!!!