Friday, October 28

i'm about 95% sure...

...that i want to take my master's next year than apply for my supervisor's position. i thought, yes, experience counts a lot rather than a degree which you may not have the chance to apply easily anyway; however, my current position is not so bad at all. i'm next in line in a managerial capacity of albeit a small team, and is considered in a senior position. it's a blessing in itself, putting me in a very good spot. plus, of course, i have to admit that i am not yet prepared to take all the bullshits that go with being a---the---supervisor. not yet. i know i'm still young and that can come a few years. if it doesn't, then it means something better will happen.

furthermore, i am terribly missing the classroom setup lately. we've been taking a short course related to work and i've seen myself read and work hard to learn stuff. i know i wasn't able to do it well in college most especially, putting me in regret more often than not, but it's never too late, that's why i need to study again.

i've been telling my good friend to apply for patent for his perpetual advice regarding choices. no matter how much of a cliché it is, it is very true. plus i know i have good friends who support me behind, no matter what. yuck, ang cheesy :)

these positive vibes are flowing smoothly, i should take advantage of them. no other time than now.

p.s. mundane things making me happy can't be overlooked as well. like a new desktop organizer. neat, pare. hahaha. gives you inspiration to make your desk clutter-free (a.k.a throw everything away, regardless of importance? hehe.).