Monday, October 17


You hate stupid people!

You hate the people who always say vapid things at the most inopportune times. The ones who are always above you at work, although they know nothing about anything. Damn those stupid people.

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I say: aha.


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You are Pride!What it is:The worse of the sins. It is
desire to be important, attractive to others or
love for ones self.Punishment in Hell:Broken on a weel(which
means that they chain you to the wheel or the
ground, and roll a huge spiked wheel on you.).Animal:Horse.Color:Violet.Demon:Lucifer.

Which Of the 7 Deadly Sins Are You?
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I say: right on target. bwahaha.


You are Lady Lilth

*One day, you will rule the world.*

You are quick to point out someone's mistakes. You tend to hold grudges
longer than most people but forgive people who deserve death.

What Is Your Goth Name?
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I say: Lady Lilth. cool.