Sunday, October 16

next week, i'll tell you

i talked to a friend on the phone, someone whom i've not seen in almost a decade. yes, almost ten years. she asked me about the goings-on in my blog. she reads it always, she tells me. i'm flattered, but i asked her, has she been really reading my blog? she said yes, and she understands my sudden shift of emotions and other "stupid wisecracks". i wanna hug her that moment. for once, someone said that to me. if only i could crawl my way through that telephone line and sprout from her handset...that would be utterly scary. :)

like most of my readers, the numbers of which do not exceed 29 a day per my site meter, she bombarded me with questions and gave me unsolicited opinions on how inappropriate a recent decision was. i did not bother to argue, it was a "first-time-to-hear-your-voice-again-after-almost-a-decade" moment and i don't wanna make it a heated debate. next week, darling, you'll going to read about it. and frankly, now i know i could have made the right decision because i do not feel stumped anymore with bouts of, "uhm, well...oo nga ano's" and that no matter how ridiculous it seems (that i'm fooling myself and stuff), i can give anyone an answer--and concrete justification--as to why letting go is really the right way to deal with it. ohh, i'm so brimming with positive energy. but it does not discount the fact that he...never mind, next week, i promise.

on a slightly deviant matter, i finally watched IL MARE yesterday. it wasn't what i expected it to be, but it's a good movie! an almost perfect lazy saturday afternoon type of movie. and speaking of movies, i intend to watch two or three more cinemanila entries, despite my very very very very tight budget. oh man, life is really hard in this country. i am thankful and very grateful that i could still afford squeezing in a 100-peso movie ticket in my weekly allowance.