Monday, October 3

when it's all woozy and hazy

this is one of those rare mondays when i get excited and all geared up. then all of a sudden, i come to the office and i find out that the team isn't complete. gzzzt.

i am not feeling well until now and it seems that a lot of people i know are ill as well. what's happening? add to this is the stifling reality that i can't take care of someone the way i should because i am ill myself. grrrk.

i am in the middle of a very important job in the office but i really wish i am not involved in it. now i know how lucky i was having a simple, uncomplicated life before. now, i read (and oh, eat) after office because i need to destress, not because i just like finishing a book. ffff.

speaking of books, i finally gave up on the poisonwood bible until such time when i get a real break and look into it. i am now reading anchee min's becoming madame mao. it's pretty engaging. don't ask me how and why did i say that. i read for my own pleasure and not to make a review for other people to see. hmm, i should quote that swak line from sputnik sweetheart. rrrr.

i love you. this will pass.