Tuesday, October 18

i have mixed emotions whenever i look at my wish list.

i have something to look forward to, financially, but i know i can't spend them all on things that i want. (as my own personal history would reveal that i like things, even men, intensely but the fascination drops after it reaches a certain point.)

a boxed dvd set of all 10 seasons of Friends. the exclusive Friends 'Til The End coffeetable book. more and more and more Asian movie titles. a new wrist watch. a new memory card for my digicam. a new cellphone. a new satchel bag from Kenneth Cole. a hundred more books. a new dvd player in my room. gavin degraw's album. decent boxing gloves. boxed dvd set of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. more scrapbooking stuff. hair spa. trip to burma. (on time) Vanity Fair subscription. weekend getaway in Guimaras. flat screen computer monitor.

...and a thousand entries more.

i can buy some of them, to be fair (to whom? to me?).

money makes the world go round. anyone who says not, and would be cheesy enough to contend that love and contentment matter more in life, is a bigtime hypocrite.