Tuesday, April 26

Barely two hours at work, and I'm losing my patience.

1. Whoever told you that just because your son-in-law is an American citizen, we will put his letter in a pedestal, above thousands of letters that we get every single day (which we ignore, by the way)? We gave you more consideration than what you need. Don't abuse it. When I only had one fried hotdog for breakfast, I snap easily, I'm telling you. Grrr.

2. We are not impressed with highfalutin English sentences. Either we laugh at it or we get pissed off. I was the latter. Like, how hard is it to say, "I want to ask for a reconsideration"?

3. Sending your oath-taking certificate does not absolve you from your absurd activities in the United States when you were younger. Now don't get all "I'm a municipal mayor" on me.

4. I can't wait for Thursday. Hay, payday.

5. This one promise I won't break today, no matter how much I lose my patience. See, yesterday I (thought I) made a mistake of hoping that...never mind (heehee). It's just one of those days with one of those people. I am no feelings expert but I felt last night I fell flat on my face again. Masyado kasi akong feeling eh, what with his style na pang-rotten tomatoes dot com. Hay Juday magbago ka na! Namimiss ko kasi siya eh. Pero no, I promised myself na moratorium ako sa kanya today. Magtira ng konting dignidad. Bukas na ulit umalembong, bwahahaha!!

P.S. I am so in the mood lately to have my children's party planning business. Ewan ko ba. Si Sandy kasi eh. Nakakatuwa daw gumawa ng mga lootbags. Hay.