Tuesday, April 19


finally, i told someone of what i feel since yesterday. it's just different when you say it aloud, rather than conveying it via e-mail to other friends.

but knowing me, this moment will pass. unless i do something about it (and no, kace, i am not referring to what you told me). this is a classic case of wanting something to happen yet when it's there, you are confused. the funny thing pa is that people involved in this 'moment' may not have any inkling of what i feel. part naman of my fear (and yes, extreme pride) is to take things forward.

this is a nice feeling but i doubt if it can sustain itself. masarap sa pakiramdam pero i always have this fear behind me na things will not go well if i pursued it.

ayan, i have blogged about it, mamaya lang, wala na siguro ito.

ang labo ko 'no?

p.s. i miss these people: the one who is so far away in Reno but has not changed and still loves Moo Choco drink, the one who has not returned yet despite the promise of promotion, the one whose presence is always felt but in sum, has been random, the one who owes me three books in my Amazon Wishlist, my godson in Fresno, and YOU. yes, you.

bibo moment of the day: saying "you're welcome" to the applicant even before she says "thank you". kunyari na lang, psychic ako at naanticipate ko na magte-thank you sya *hiya*.