Monday, April 25


Dear Bakekang,

I am not usually good with words, much more with writing down what I feel.

Lately, I feel the need to hear from you more often. Seeing a message from you or hearing your voice on the phone, no matter how few those times were, made my perpetually hectic days bearable. If you notice, I try to make any kind of conversation just to get your attention, and you must have thought either I've gone crazy or I'm really too pushy. I can be either. I can be anything, if that would help me express how I feel for you.

During the few times that I heard from you, it made me look forward to seeing you again, and well, only you can tell when would that be.

You will do me a favor if you will let me know what you think of this. I faced my senseless fear of getting things forward because I know that I will regret letting us become another could-have-been.

From the deepest corner of my heart,


And allow me to share our photo when we first met. I look at it everyday with growing love for you.

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