Thursday, April 21


i had my very first drastic haircut in my 23 years of life.

my mom and i have this silent rift lately, quite usual because of her erratic mood swings due to menopause (she admits it and she can't seem to help it), so i just sent her a text that goes, "pauwi na ako. sorry. don't kill me pag nakita mo ako later." of course, she wouldn't think that i am pregnant or i am bringing home a guy or anything along that line. she knows i am not that courageous yet. i think upon reading the text she knows i had my hair cut.

i only told the hairdresser that i wanted only 5-6 inches cut from my uber long hair (think butt-length when it's curly...). since it is...rather, was (*teary-eyed*) curly, he (she?) overestimated the length. when i asked him to "stretch" the first batch of hair that has fallen on the floor, they were more than 6 inches, believe me. i saw him literally become pale and apologetic. part of me wanted to strangle him and make a scene, but then again, it cannot be undone. unless i want to sport an odd hair length, i could have insisted that he blowdry my hair right there and then so i can leave. but i did not. there's the rebellious side of me that whispered it's okay.

to make the long story short, the "plan" of a bra-line length, as the term goes, is now only a bit below the shoulders. and that is now that the blowdry is still in effect. when it curls up a little later tonight, gee, i dunno. but what can i do?

i do not feel total liberation from whatever it is that i want to be free from. i don't know what hit me that i got on the nearest salon after my reading time. i guess i just have to face the consequences of this. my hair is just a bit buhaghag on the sides but when i just woke up, i find its curls cute, they're like cooked pancit canton, hehe. after bathing, the curls are really natural, not the frizzy type a la floor mop. i guess i just have to miss them for now. i know they will grow soon enough. it's like seeing my dogs go before. in a few weeks, i've accepted that they're gone. much more with a few months, it could be back on its old length.

now, the only thing i have to prepare for is when my dad returns in two weeks time. he, who is so strongly against cutting my hair since i was born. i guess i have my sister on my side on this but knowing my dad, nah.

see...a 23-year old worrying over a haircut! how mature can that get?! this growing fear would be tantamount to "dad, i'm pregnant" for other girls...ladies my age!

to my hair, i'll miss you. but i know you will grow back soon. let me just see what your absence can make in my life. i brought you home, didn't i? (yes, i did, which elicited laughs from all the people in the salon. like, who would ever request that all the hairs on the floor ("basta kulot, kay ma'am yun") be put in a plastic so i can take them home? only i can do that nowadays, eh?)

my next goal is to lose a few pounds. i am off to my first ever figure consultation, hopefully tomorrow (uhm, it's for free...hehe..the perks of where i'm working).

lai, tell me what you think about this.


'Coz I am hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today
Take this music and use it
Let it take you away
Let's be hopeful (hopeful), He'll make a way
I know, it ain't easy
Let's be hopeful
- Hope (Twista)