Friday, April 8


that's what i feel right now. really. i guess i'm over that anger prompting me to post whatever it was below. at some teeny-weeny point, i feel guilty for writing the things i did. but it's been written and i have no plans na rin to retract.

anyway, i am loving myself more for the recent simple joys (even if simple is subjective, i guess?):

JOSH DUHAMEL. Oh, man. I hope Mar won't make tampo, hmmhmm. I only watch Las Vegas before because of Marsha Thomason. Through time, their episodes become even shallow and boring. But last Wednesday, hay, I dunno. He was just so yummy. Yeah, as in capital Y. Yummy. Heehee. He resembles Barry Watson a bit, doesn't he? I even had this so-so feeling when I saw that he was named Cosmo's Fun Fearless Male of the Year last Feb! Eh kasi it's different when you see him in pictures. He's yummier when you can see him move and walk and talk. Don't tell Mar Roxas na lang, baka mag-LQ pa kami mamayang gabi. Hahahahaha!!!!

CHOCO MALLOW PIE. Sariling atin mula sa Jollibee. Eto ang literal na yummy. Why didn't they think of this before?

CHEAP FLATS. Or I dunno how you even call them. My Mom discouraged me to buy those because she said it makes me look way shorter, as in dwarfy short. I bought one for our holiday party but it was black and it's too plain. So yesterday, we just headed to Divisoria to haggle for those cheap Korean-branded flats. They're soo nice. I got one na parang tweed and one na close to a fuchsia pink. I plan to return this weekend for more. If you molest them for a matter of six months or less, sulit na din.

E-BOOKS. My most common dilemma as a booklover is when I don't have money to buy books. I know that this current hype on e-books has its downside too but I think it will be okay for me as I am lucky to have the luxury of a personal computer and working printers (especially in the office, hehe). If I find myself loving an e-book then I can go ahead and buy a real book.

FREEBIES. Any kind of freebies I make patol. Today is the Embassy's Health Fair and I just went there for the give-aways, reading materials and other stuff from the participating health units. Most of the best hospitals in the country have booths today, along with pharma companies and therapy centers. E and Sandz went this morning and I heard the chiropractors were good. Btw, when I registered this morning, I took a couple of sample of Trust Condoms. Ang baho pala nun tsaka napaka-oily. Easy to break pa. Hahahaha!!

(and i found out that my brother will have another baby boy, not a girl, for the third time. and i blamed him on the phone, sabi ko "pa'no nangyaring boy pa rin yan?" sabi nya, "ewan ko nga rin eh!" well, blessing pa din sya. to make up for it, sabi ko ipaschedule na lang nya yung op sa May 13, as opposed to 17, para ka-birthday ni Mar. wee.)