Monday, April 4

CoMe AnD gO

:: I was amazed by the comments I got from my entry about Mar Roxas. Not with the number of comments but where actually most of these comments came from. These are the people I never thought would read my blog, and honestly, I never thought that they are actually just here and there lurking (hehe). I remember shamelessly plugging my blog last year when I tried to reconnect with my old friends. Only a few responded and I never even heard any of them really dropping by! Hmmm, it only took Mar lang pala ha so I would realize that read my blog!!! Thank you po, thank you po. I miss you guys more than you can imagine. Kahit wala man lang natuwa sa post ko at puro panlilibak ang comments. Huu, yung iba sa inyo hindi marunong gumamit ng tagboard (hmmm) pati guestbook (hmmmm uli) at nag-email na lang (nyeehee-- don't worry *a****, dalawa naman kayo ni **g****). Maybe next time, iba naman ang i-to-touch ko. It appears that the "Pag First Lady na ako ng Pilipinas, I won't forget all of you, promise!" got them. Next time, I'll make it something like, "I'm joining the Sex Bomb Girls" or worse, "I'm pregnant with *insert name of most hated singer or actor here*'s baby". Let's see how violent they can get pa.

:: I am so lazy to attend the few remaining sessions of my Spanish language course. They say sayang daw yung tuition fee pero okay lang...I really feel so tamad going there kahit twice a week lang. Kaya lang, I tell myself to just get it over with, take the exam (and surprise them by acing it - wahu, yabang) and it'll be finished before I can even spell muchas gracias. Let's see. Marunong pa rin naman akong mahiya so I might hurdle the last few sessions.

:: Speaking of Spanish blahblah, I will not pursue the Don Quijote reading anymore. See, I told you I'm so fickle-minded. One, the day when I could be scheduled coincided with the Embassy Shoppers Day (where I am praying for one of the prizes, which is a secret for now). Second, it will also be the Team Building thingie of the Credit Union. I won't really go for the team building activities but for the free accomodations (kapal). Although the venue will be (Patty, lemme borrow) soooo last century, I would like to go and show my officemates where I grew up and introduce them to familiar people who could be there too (huh, so may idea na kayo saan ang venue, no?).

:: I got the nerve to miss Tru Calling tonight. Yep, on its fifth episode. I like watching it naman although with the way it unfolds, hindi tlaga sya pwedeng pang-matagalan. I saw a boxed set of it a couple of weeks back and if I miss more, I can just buy it. Mura naman yata sya. But try catching it around 8:20 p.m. on Mondays on Studio 23.

:: I am wearing my Tigger nightwear now and I have to say, sobrang naaaliw ako. Haha, wala lang. There's another one of a different design eh. Next payday na lang.

:: I so want to buy that swimwear I saw yesterday. Like, I don't care if I don't have that body na babagayan ng swimsuit. Wala tayong pakialaman 'no. And I also want that summer dress. Gee, naiimagine ko na ang rampa ko. Blech.

:: I am having bouts again of loving being in-love. You know that feeling? It's when you don't like someone in particular, you just have this nameless and faceless person whom you love and care for tapos there will be roller-coaster of emotions, then you just feel good about it?Parang you're inspired the whole day? I guess that's loving the feeling not necessarily a person. Or maybe it's just PMS. I would like to vouch for the latter.

Comments? Dito na lang po.