Wednesday, April 6

No consolations for now

I told four people today, my Mom included, that I don't need a litany of consolations to make me feel better. I am still mad and it was only during the meeting earlier when I felt this extreme urge to strangle someone with my long hair.

If I rely on countless "hayaan mo na's" I realize that it will not work for me. I need an outlet to vent my anger. Otherwise, if there will be another instance when a consolation is not within reach, I will really explode. I told Patty that all my irreparable relationships are those where I said the nastiest of words because that's how anger affects me.

I think it is normal to be cranky and bitchy and argumentative and close-minded sometimes. Because how would you appreciate being otherwise, right?

So, mainit pa rin ang ulo ko ngayon. Bwisit talaga. Big time.

May sasabihin ka? Dito na lang.